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Flaming Brilliant

Have you ever struggled to get a fire going when you are lighting your Kelly Kettle or wood burning stove? If so, you are not alone. There are lots of cool tricks for lighting fires outdoors, I even saw one recently that involved chewing gum paper and a battery!

However, we recently came across these little gems. They are called Flamers and are 100% natural. So there is no horrible smell or taste on your food. Very easy to light, and with a long burn time, you only need one to get your fire going. We tend to take a handful with us on any trip to ensure we have a weekend of easily lighting our Frontier Stove or Kelly Kettle.

They come in boxes of 24 and we have them online or in the shop for £3.49, so that is a very cheap and efficient way of getting those stoves going. Having used them for a few months, I can’t imagine going back to traditional petroleum firelighters. Plus it feels good to be using something that is natural and comes from a renewable source.

Flamers fire lighters

Natural Fire Lighters

Our Coolest Piece of Camp Kit

Our Engel 60 Ltr Fridge / Freezer is without doubt our coolest (and best) piece of camp kit.

We had experienced the frustrations of other cool boxes and ‘fridges’ but none of them actually did a decent job of keeping the contents properly cool. We had an Outwell fridge that simply made a noise and blew air around but was hopeless as a fridge. We then had a Quest 3 way fridge (battery, power, gas) that we actually felt was dangerous, the exhaust for the gas motor gets very hot and could easily set a tent alight. It was also pretty hopeless at cooling and had been replaced twice.

So the search was on for a proper expedition fridge that would actually deliver what we were looking for. After a lot of Google time we decided that Engel was the make for us and a 60L Fridge / Freezer would be the perfect size. All the reviews were good and people seemed pretty pleased with the quality and durability. The biggest issue was the price, however we bit the bullet and ordered it together with a protective cover and suitable leads to enable us to connect it to the car battery.

The cover is a great extra

The cover protects your investment

When it arrived the first impression was the weight! At 33kg it is really a 2 person job to move it around and it is a fair size. Certainly no good for a small car. Perfect for our Land Rover though! It is very well made and oozes quality. It also uses very little power. We have dual batteries and it will happily run off the auxiliary one for 2 or 3 days, obviously it is no problem when you are driving and we typically use an electric hook up where possible on campsites.

Performance is amazing, it quickly cools down and will maintain a perfect temperature all day long, even when the sun is blazing outside. In fact you need to be careful not to freeze items unintentionally. Needless to say it is a great freezer if required.

Lots of lovely chilled food & wine

Lots of lovely chilled food & wine

Overall it is probably the single best piece of equipment that we have bought for camping. Other than our Albatros it is the most expensive but genuinely money well spent. There is nothing quite like knowing that your food is properly and safely chilled and of course the thought of a nice cool glass of wine in the evening (or the afternoon!) makes this the perfect piece of Cool Camp Kit.

Hello Camping World

Welcome to our very first blog!

While we finish off our website we thought we’d fire ahead and get the blog up and running. Our plan is to have regular updates on here, sharing our thoughts on the best camping kit (from our experience) and ideas on how to make your trips more enjoyable.

If you are new to the world of camping then we are sure you will find useful tips and ideas that will enhance your own outdoor experience.

We’ll also add our experiences with our other outdoor kit including bikes, canoes and Land Rovers.

There’s a few items we’re keen to improve on; camping pots and pans for one. The normal camping store ones are too thin based for a slow simmer. Any ideas/recommendations please feel free to share them with us.

The weather’s getting better and the tent’s been checked for mould.  Now all we need is a free weekend and we’re off….