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More wine than tea…

As part of our preparations for our summer camping adventure we decided to treat ourselves to some new kitchen essentials. The old plates and cups were past their best so after much searching we ordered a whole new selection of tableware and of course wine glasses.

New Plates

We ended up going for the Outwell Avantgarde range, mainly as they are well priced and we knew the quality was good. So we now have a decent selection including dinner plates with a decent depth that will helpfully prevent too many spillages and some deep bowls for either breakfast cereals or delicious desserts. For the last few seasons we had used some deep metal plates for dinner but they were a real pain to wash and dry so the kids insisted we go back to plastic this time.  Unfortunately one of the bowls was already cracked when it arrived, hopefully not a sign that they are fragile. Hopefully we’ll get it replaced before we head off.

Outwell Cutlery Set

As some of our cutlery had broken last year we also got a new set that comes in a handy case. We store all our plates, glasses etc in a Hannibal Kitchen Organiser which keeps everything organised and easy to transport.

Finally it made sense to get the matching coffee cups. While browsing for them we saw some decent wine glasses that would replace our old tumblers. The Outwell sizing seems to be in perfect harmony with our camping drinking preferences as you can see from the photo:

Looks about right!

All we need now is for the sunshine to arrive and we can put it all to good use.

Happy Camping!

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  1. LOVE those wine glasses!!

    August 29, 2013

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