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Outwell Tents

Outwell tents are fantastic! We have now owned 4 of them and they are the main reason that we love camping so much. They are easy to pitch, are good quality, have loads of space, and are good value for money.

When we went on our first camping trip as a family we had 2 very small tents. 1 adult and 1 child in each, so in the evening when the midges arrived it was time to close the zips and read a book. Not very exciting. Next to us was this great looking tent with the whole family sitting around a table eating and playing games….hmm that looked much more fun! So off we went to Go Outdoors to take a look at the options. Straight away we liked the design and quality of the Outwells and decided that if we were serious about doing more camping then we should invest in a decent tent.

Some of the ones that we mention here are no longer made but no doubt the new models are even better. Of the the 4 that we have owned, we still have 3 (can’t bear to sell them) and they are still regularly used although our main holiday tent is now a De Waard Albatros.

Our first Outwell was a Hartford XL, we then changed to a Michigan because we preferred the design and the alloy poles. After that our final upgrade was to the superb Maryland which has served us perfectly as a large family tent. Our fourth tent is the smaller Nevada M which we actually got as part of a deal when we returned a rubbish fridge to Go Outdoors. We use the Nevada as our overnight or short stay tent when we are travelling abroad.

Outwell Maryland

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