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Flaming Brilliant

Have you ever struggled to get a fire going when you are lighting your Kelly Kettle or wood burning stove? If so, you are not alone. There are lots of cool tricks for lighting fires outdoors, I even saw one recently that involved chewing gum paper and a battery!

However, we recently came across these little gems. They are called Flamers and are 100% natural. So there is no horrible smell or taste on your food. Very easy to light, and with a long burn time, you only need one to get your fire going. We tend to take a handful with us on any trip to ensure we have a weekend of easily lighting our Frontier Stove or Kelly Kettle.

They come in boxes of 24 and we have them online or in the shop for £3.49, so that is a very cheap and efficient way of getting those stoves going. Having used them for a few months, I can’t imagine going back to traditional petroleum firelighters. Plus it feels good to be using something that is natural and comes from a renewable source.

Flamers fire lighters

Natural Fire Lighters

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