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De Waard

Widely regarded as truly fabulous tents we decided it was time for us to try a De Waard for ourselves. We chose an Albatros and even went to Holland to collect it.

So far we haven’t had a chance to head off with our new prize, instead we have settled for a few practice pitching sessions in the garden (nice to make those early mistakes in private!). The biggest surprise has been how easy the Albatros is to pitch, indeed we have managed it with one person although two makes it much easier.

DSC01494The tent comes in a sturdy canvas bag with a separate bag for the poles. As we also bought a Varioliufel we also have a bag for that. Finally De Waard gave us a couple of small bags to hold the pegs, foot plates and other little fittings.

Everything is very well made and fits together easily. After a few practice pitches the IMG_0893whole process now makes sense and is actually very straightforward. With the poles around and above the entrance erected and pulled upright you can now arrange the roof and centre poles.

The trick we were shown by De Waard was to only use 3 of the 4 centre pole sections initially. This keeps the roof height down and makes it easy to attach the curtains and roof poles, once they are all in place the final section of centre pole can be added and the roof raised to full height.Now comes the task of pegging out the guys around the main tent. We were shown to start at the very rear (and central) guy, then alternately peg out left then right guys again working from the rear. It takes a little time but is actually very rewarding as the tent starts to take its classic shape.

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